Thursday, October 18, 2012

Into the Dark Forest one-woman show

Into the Dark Forest performance
Friday, October 26, 2012, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Casa de Paz 1315 Corry St., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Into the Dark Forest is a 2-hour one-person show. But it is more than a show. Everyone present is creating a sacred space together, where I invite you on a journey. It's the journey of my heart unfolding in all its messiness, beauty, confusion and grace.

It's about how I, as a feeling woman, have navigated this contemporary cultural context. My sharing is in the form of original songs and spoken word pieces that I have written over the last 12 years. It weaves in and out of my real experiences, my dreamscape and my imagination. My ritual art has helped me to gather strength, compassion, and levity in the face of the places where I want to crumble into fear and denial.

This is an offering of deep heart to all who are on their healing journeys to reclaim their wholeness and embodied wisdom. May our hearts feel so nourished that we spontaneously blossom into our RADIANCE; Shining the light of who we are in all its messy BRILLIANCE!

This 10/26 performance is open to the public, and, for those registered, it is the beginning of the 1ST Annual Returning Home: A Red Tent Retreat for women. (See the event page "Returning Home: A Red Tent Retreat 1st Annual" on facebook for more info.)

To see video clips of the performance, go to my facebook page: Into The Dark Forest. For other questions, email me at

~~Nicole Rosaria Manieri