Thursday, October 11, 2012

Emma Woodruff Album Fundraiser

Emma Woodruff Album Fundraiser at Spirited Goat
Friday, October 12, 7:00pm
Spirited Goat Coffee House
118 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs

"Where's this album you've been speaking of?" some of you may wonder. Sigh. We are getting so close. With so few tracks left to even out, we still have some unfinished business to tend to. Unfortunately $$$ is a huge part of the process, and we are running a little low on cash. We are asking for your support. The Spirited Goat will be hosting a Pre-CD Release party for the album. The women you see in the picture are the women you will see on the 12th! Come listen to some live music and support our cause...Jade Clevenger will be the opening act, a new young act in the area! :-)

About: The women you see in the photograph are Stephanie Thornton (piano and vocals), Emma Woodruff (vocals and guitar), Kyleen Downes (guitar) and Theresa Snider (drums). We were all a part of this particular/original album that is being released, "Emma Woodruff".

Why the name "Emma Woodruff"? With a tremendous amount of help from these wonderful women, a few old Emma originals have been revived from her very first album. The other tracks are intimate collaborations. Hope you all enjoy what you hear if you come out... It shall be fun.... A mix of folk/classical/rock/Indy. There will be some fun jammin tunes, and of course some sing alongs! We look very forward to seeing yall!