Monday, August 20, 2012

Yelloween Scarecrow Festival 2012

Last year’s Yelloween Scarecrow Festival was a surprise success with late entries popping up all over town.

This year, the scarecrows will go up immediately following Street Fair (Oct. 13) and stay in place through Halloween.

Here’s the scoop from Yelloween Scarecrow coordinator Bob “Corner Cone” Swaney: “Once again, if you wish I will provide armatures on which to build your scarecrow. They are $20 each. Please order soon. Businesses and villagers are invited to participate. You don't have to build the scarecrow yourself. Last year I made a donation to the art department at Mills Lawn School and they made scarecrows for me. You may wish to do the same or solicit an artist to make it for you. It's always fun if the scarecrow in front of your establishment relates to your place of business but it is not required. Please feel free to contact me if you need some advice. My number is 767-2461. This worked out to be a very nice thing last year and I think there's a possibility of getting some national press if we do it up right.”

The scarecrow frame inserts in the flag pocket/hole in front of each business. If you don’t own a business but have an idea for a business, approach them! They’ll probably be thrilled to have someone who wants to take part on their behalf. Start thinking now. Scarecrows need to be weather-resistant and that takes some planning. Call Bob now!