Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WYSO Community Voices at FilmDayton Festival

WYSO presents Community Voices at the FilmDayton Festival
Sunday, August 26, 12 Noon
Black Box Improv Theatre
518 E. Third St. Dayton, Ohio 45402

Community Voices is all about getting local voices on the air. WYSO recruited a class of local people and taught them how to record essays, poems and commentaries. FilmDayton is thrilled to partner with 91.3 FM in bringing these stories to the public as part of the “ScreenLESS Screening.” $5

Check out the Audio Documentaries that you'll hear:

 *   Will Davis tells the story of local filmmaker Justin Russell’s retro slasher film, “The Sleeper”.
 *   Mark Babb visits an online estate auction company to find out what the things we leave behind say about us.
 *   Alexis Larsen profiles local artist Winnie Siedler.
 *   Wally Rehm finds out why volunteers at Glen Helen keep removing invasive plants – knowing they’ll eventually grow back.
 *   “Boogie Nights” by Basim Blunt chronicles the history of funk music in Dayton.
 *   Kristen Wicker finds out what really goes on in local man caves.
 *   Jennifer Carlson explores the new Vitruvian Brew Company in Yellow Springs.
 *   Judy Whelley looks at what happens to people in relationships with sex addicts.
 *   Tracy Staley tells the story of Burundian refugees building community through an urban garden.
 *   “Sacred Harp” by Alan Staiger takes us to a shape note ‘singing.’

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2012 Film Dayton Festival Schedule
FilmDayton Festival runs August 24-26