Thursday, August 30, 2012

Opening Reception and Talk at Herndon Gallery

Opening Reception for "If Becoming This" at the Herndon Gallery (Antioch College) tonite, Thursday, August 30 (7-9pm). This exhibition is part of Sheilah Wilson's series "You Are My Favorite Photograph."

There will be an artist talk at 7:30, and Wilson is creating a performance piece during the opening. She will be sleeping at the Herndon later this evening in a bedroom installed in the Gallery to create a new work for the exhibition.

Wilson will sleep over a written description of someone's favorite photograph and a piece of photographic paper, which will then be processed, scanned, and digitally printed, revealing the marks of her body, random light strikes, and other mysterious color traces. The resulting piece will then become a part of the exhibition. This is a continuation of her investigation into the body acting as a translation machine. Wilson approaches making photographs as a performance, using her body in direct contact with photographic materials to translate stories (or written memories) into visible marks.

Wilson could be sleeping over YOUR written description of a favorite photograph. The Herndon Gallery is collecting submissions and will select from them at the opening reception. The photograph can be a favorite professional photograph or a precious family photograph. Bring a handwritten or typed description of a favorite photograph, along with a scanned and printed reproduction to the opening.

"If Becoming This" will be showing from August 31 through November 16. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 1-4pm.

For more information, contact Dennie Eagleson, or call 937-768-6462.