Monday, July 9, 2012

Somatics Workshop with Jill Becker

Somatics Workshop with Jill Becker, Sun., July 22, 11-1:00 at The Playhouse, 910 Corry St. (next to Antioch Amphitheater). This is a gentle, guided movement exploration to release tension and strengthen connections in the body.  Very refreshing!! Call 767-2646 or to reserve a spot.

What is Somatics?  This class is a form of movement meditation, where students are guided through exercises to awaken sensory awareness, lose unnecessary tension and find deep internal connections in the body. Breath is central to the work.  Students will work alone, in partners and as a group.  The exercises are based on human anatomy and physiology. Students often comment that they feel taller, more grounded, relaxed and refreshed after doing this work.