Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be a YSAC gallery volunteer!

Visit the new Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery at 111 Corry Street!  Check out the art or take an art class with a local artist or just rest in the cool surrounded by art.  (This is also where you can get your "Keep Yellow Springs Weird " tee shirt!)

We are eagerly awaiting our July show "Emerging Artists"- 7 artist in their 20's, from our area, presented by our Antioch intern Meg Miller.  Meg has tantalized us with hints that they are creating some really interesting twists on art.

June's exhibit by the Monday Morning Artists has been a Joy, with beautiful Water Colors and fabulous classes each Saturday. Thank you Monday Morning Artists!

A very exciting part of this last month was the start of our gallery sitting program. Thanks to the Glorious Gallery Crew, we've been open Wednesdays-Sundays 1-4 (except the 3rd week when we are closed to install the new shows.) We are still hoping for a few more wonderful volunteers to help keep the gallery open during the week.  We need one regular first Friday of the month volunteer and two 2nd and 3rd Sunday volunteers.  Or one totally magnificent volunteer who would be willing to cover 2 Sundays! If you could do one or two, regularly scheduled 3 hour shifts, a month, or would like to be on an emergency call list that would be so wonderful!  You could bring your art or craft to the gallery and work on it during your time or bring a good book to read.

Thank you for supporting the arts in Yellow Springs!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nancy Mellon
YSAC Gallery Coordinator