Friday, June 29, 2012

Pride Weekend Schedule

Official Schedule for Pride Weekend - Come Out to Make History in the Village and Celebrate Diversity!

4:30pm Gather in John Bryan lawn

4:30-5:15 Face paint, make signs, dance to the music, visit the hot dog stand, paint your body, drink some water, get your t-shirts & mardi gras beads & bracelets & dog and baby tutus & balloons & rainbow flags (all for suggested donations), decorate your bicycles, make noisemakers, help us put up flags downtown, frolic with friends, and have fun! We encourage you to bring your own decorations and sign making materials, but some will be available on site.

5:15-6:00, Remarks and testimonials

6:00-?? Sidewalk Pridewalk, finish with moment of silence at John Bryan Center lawn

7:00-close, After party at Emporium, wine tasting, and come get dirty with DJ Clean Gene!

1-3pm Gaunt Park "We Are Family" Picnic with music, dancing, karaoke, slip n' slide, water balloons, swimming, pick up kickball, and family fun - bring your own picnic and chairs, water provided

yarnbombing by Johanna Smith
photo by Susan Gartner