Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Applause for Carr-Hamilton House restoration

After almost two years of restoration work, the owners of the house at Herman Street and Xenia Avenue graciously allowed the Yellow Springs Historical Society to use the property to hold a fundraiser/open house so the public could finally get a peek inside. Over 500 people stopped by to admire the massive renovation project and satisfy their curiosity. Many of us had watched the stately mansion fall into disrepair over the years and were thrilled at the prospect that it would get a new lease on life. Renovations include a lovely mix of modern conveniences while still maintaining the original 1854 charm. During the tour, I learned about a hidden room, the hardwood floors, and how much care was put into trying to restore the original lighting fixtures.

Kudos to all who were a part of this incredible facelift. What had been a heart-breaking eyesore for years is now a beautiful jewel in the community crown.

top photo by Tom Osborne
remaining photos by Susan Gartner -- July 10, 2011