Sunday, October 17, 2010

Studio Tour offers more art for the effort

This past weekend's 10th Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour paired up guest artists with local host studios to give participants more art for their effort.

Artist Studio Tour guests take in host artist Kathy Verner Moulton's display of colorful digital paintings, notecards, prints and children's books. Guest artist Cynthia McDonald of Wild Gourd Studio is pictured with her hand-carved gourds, talking with Hays Moulton.

Studio tour participants joke with guest artist Alice Young-Basora of Nina Carina. Alice displays her jewelry featuring hand-painted canvas, fabric, and beads made from recycled paper.

Jalana Lazar of host studio Miami Valley Pottery arranges flowers for her guests.

Miami Valley Pottery is the host studio for guest artists Alice Young-Basora of Nina Carina and Lori Gravley (expressive fabric art and reusable cloth items).

Miami Valley Pottery owner and host artist Naysan McIllhargey reaches for one of his wood-fired pots.

Studio tour participants mingle with host artist Naysan McIllhargey and guest artists Alice Young-Basora and Lori Gravley (right).

Local artist Johanna Smith (left) talks beadwork with guest artist Theresa Mayer while Peg Peterson talks to host artist Pam ("For Quilts Sake") Geisel (hidden). Geisel's quilted postcards are on display to the right.

Host Artist Pam Geisel assists a customer with her quilted postcards while another shopper scans guest artist Theresa Mayer's beads.

An admirer looks over Theresa Mayer's pendants and earrings made with glass lampwork beads.

Guest artist Jennifer Jennings works on a nature-inspired collage and acrylic painting during the Studio Tour at the home of host artist Pam Geisel.

photos by Susan Gartner -- October 16, 2010