Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neil Jacobs sampler from April 15 concert

I’m not a music reviewer but I can appreciate the reviews on Neil Jacobs’ website which, although they were written for entirely different concerts, really capture his 12-string guitar performance at the YS Library on April 15th:

"Imagine Russian cowboy music. Imagine flamenco joined with Balkan dances. Imagine one guy doing all that while sounding like a whole orchestra." - The Cleveland Sun Messenger

"For more than 25 years, Ohio native Jacobs has circumnavigated the globe performing his exotic hybrid of gypsy jazz, flamenco, and Eastern European Folk on solo 12-string guitar." - Vince DeMasi, Guitar Player Magazine

And my personal favorite:

"He does everything to that guitar but give it a massage." - Livingston Taylor

Jacobs is originally from Columbus, OH. In addition to touring with Balkan musicians at refugee camps in Eastern Europe and studying with the gypsies of Spain, he also lived for a brief time on Glen Street in Yellow Springs. His most recent release, "12 String Guitar", was nominated "Best Solo Guitar CD" at the JPF Music Awards in Nashville. For more information, visit

video by Susan Gartner
posted to A Yellow Springs Blog -- May 18, 2010