Sunday, December 5, 2010

"What?" performed by TAFKATTFP

“What?: An Exploration of Dreams, Reality, And Numbers (another meta philosophic dramatic sketch comedy performance)" took place at multiple locations this weekend in Yellow Springs. The Artists Formerly Known As The Third Friday Players are Jennifer Johnson, Lenaya Rebekah Levigne, Skip Leeds, Vanessa Query, Ali Thomas, and Charlotte Walkey.

Sketches included: "Buy Nothing Day" by Ali Thomas; "A Simple Philosophy Of The Foundation Of Our Cultural Thought" by Vanessa Query; "The Third Wheel" by Vanessa Query; "The Sum Of His Problems" by Charlotte Walkey; "Waking Up" by Dario Fo; "Ayn Rand Vs. Jesus: A Love Story Of Phantom Menaces" by Skip Leeds; "Businessman Part 2: The Saga Continues" by Ali Thomas

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photos by Susan Gartner -- December 3, 2010